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Ghanaian Military women cry that, Ghanaian men do not want to…..

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Some frustrated military women at Burma Camp mentioned that Ghanaian men fear to propose not to talk about getting married.

When asked why men are not making advances towards them even though they are equally beautiful as their civilian counterparts, they explained that the only reason they could think of is that, Ghanaian men are afraid to propose to them.

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“When we took the hard decision to defend and serve mother Ghana we never anticipated that it was going to cost us an opportunity to find our life partners”, Amina Seidu, 26 (not her real name).

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“It has been more than 4yrs in the service and not a single man has made an attempt to approach me not to talk of proposing to me. Apart from being a military woman, I am human too with needs.., how do you expect me to give out my best when those needs are not met?” Esther Amisah, 28 (not her real name). These are but a few of the comments some of the frustrated military women shared with a Blogger who visited them at the camp.

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Do you think Ghanaian men are fear for which reason they can’t propose to military women? Leave your comments below.



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