Did Jerry John Rawlings Really Say This?

Former President Jerry John Rawlings believes the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) would have been in opposition by now, if it had presented the late Prof. Atta Mills as its presidential candidate in the 2012 elections.

Prof. Atta Mills, who was the NDC’s presidential candidate died in July 2012, few months to the general elections. John Mahama, the then Vice President was acclaimed the party’s presidential candidate barely four months to the elections.

Mr. Rawlings in a statement issued on Sunday acknowledged President John Mahama’s diligence which ensured victory for the party within the shortest possible time.



The former President, Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings was reacting to an impression that he at a recent meeting confessed to not campaigning for President Mahama in 2012, which he said was twisted.

Below is the full statement

Why deny him [Mahama] his due? Many of us live in a state of self-denial because we seem to have an aversion for unpleasant situations. It is important for us to develop a historical memory of events. I said it over and over, NDC would have lost terribly had God not called the Prof.

Mahama won on his own merit and let’s recall that there was an air of desperation and near panic when the Prof passed. This situation worked in Mahama’s favour and he literally campaigned alone. Eighty per cent of the national executives couldn’t campaign without following him. That’s how much credibility they had lost.

I did not campaign for him, neither did I campaign against him so let’s give him his due and acknowledge the fact that he did most of the work by himself. This was the reality. This time round almost everyone’s political credibility has suffered terribly, including Mahama and that’s why I was saying that the new hope will now come from a reinvigorated and reenergised party machinery.

If advantage is not taken to do what needs to be done by the party leadership I am not too sure 2016 will be favourable.

So far, the poor performance and corrupt characters are taking advantage of the support bases’ fear of the opposition to embolden themselves in perpetuating themselves and their crass behaviour. They have grown insensitive and do not seem to give a damn because they know the vulnerable and insecure electorate will continue to support the NDC because they are nervous of an opposition take over.