Shocking Revealation: What killed Confidence K. Baah Finally Out.

A Radio and a Tv moderator at Kessben FM is dead today sixteenth October

2016.With around 13years of Working background at Kessben Fm,

He was on Air With Breaking News yesterday and from that point onward, he got

home (Efiduase) and he even requested that his Auntie cook “YAM and

Tilapia” (his most loved dinner). He was presented with the sustenance and ate all.

His Auntie even requesting that he get him “malt” to astound her as it’s

been long that she intoxicated one.

The Auntie got to Confidence, place around 11 Pm to determine the status of him.

When She got there, she understood his fan was on, through a window,

thus she yelled,

” My Dear, if you are resting, turn off the Fan and get the chance to bed”,

within a couple of minutes, she heard the fan was off thus she cleared out the

the house without entering.

The morning, around 5 am, she (Auntie) went to determine the status of him as

common, yet she saw that the entryway was open,

Instantly, she felt and heard that taking a gander at the way Confidence

was laying face down powerlessly, she should touch him, and after she

did, she felt Confidence was feeling cold, then she yelled for offer assistance,

what’s more, they took him to the Hospital and then, the report came that,

Certainty K. BAAH is no more!

The News is a stunning one that has left all alive souls at Kessben

Mahama Reveals His Second Term Ambitions [Screenshot]

Fm, Kessben Group of Companies, Mr.Kesse (C.E.O of KESSBEN

Gathering OF COMPANIES),

Audience members, family, companions and Lovers speechless at the beginning of today!

I “Odehyeiba” (Administrator of Friends of Kessben) is a bite the dust audience to

Kessben Fm 93.3.

Composing this Article is difficult and as to break out this news is all

torment and distresses with tears streaming.

I am harmed, I am Sad, Worried and Slow as to this Big Brother has cleared out

without even been Sick, Involved in an Accident or even given a flag

of his sudden Departure.