Who is criss waddle girlfriend?

The controversial and successful musician Criss Waddle has continued to been on the spotlight due to controversial stories that keep surrounding him. Just recently his motorcade was involved in an accident on his birthday however no one was hurt. Many fans are lucky since their star is safe and alive. They say, with success come women, and this talented lad has not been left out. Here are details on Criss Waddle girlfriend.

Chris Waddle Ghana, one of the biggest upcoming artists has continued to get attention from the media and his fans. They wanted to know who is Criss Waddle girlfriend and information about her, like where she was from, what she does, among many other questions. The rapper and also musician have become successful at a very young age since he already owns a mega business that has been doing well in the country. He became famous after his song “AYI” hit the radio waves generating a large following especially from the much younger generation and since then he has been able to keep his fans entertained. With such success, it is obvious that women can compete in order to be by his side. Doesn’t he have everything any woman would want? His glamorous lifestyle is seen from the clothes he wears, the cars he parks in his garage, his booming career and business. Criss Waddle also owns a mansion in the USA, with such great success many women have been interested with him we can remember the girl who tried committing suicide after accusing the musician of leaving her after their hot romance. Criss is known for keeping his private life a secret but he cannot hide the lucky girl beside him.

Criss Waddle girlfriend Saaba

Criss Waddle girlfriend Saaba who is also the mother of his child is a hot curvaceous lady any man would want to have her due to her beautiful looks. Her rich boyfriend introduced her to the fans and world in 2016 after a heated argument between the musician and Shatta Wale over the gay accusations he further claimed that the rapper is also a bulldog and he gives him money. These shocking claims caused a stir amongst fans. Controversy surrounds Criss’ success after Shatta Wale claimed that it is from his hard work as a plumber. We would like to understand why someone’s success has to be tarnished. Are these not the highest form of envy and malice?

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She has been compared to Shatta Wale’s woman severally maybe it was because of the beef that was there between their men. Here are some of the Criss Waddle girlfriend pics that we have. Isn’t she beautiful?

Criss Waddle and girlfriend do share an adorable son who he flaunts with on his social Instagram account that has massive following. They both drive expensive guzzlers since they own varieties of cars in their garage which has led to the couple receiving attention and they are seen by the millennium era as relationship goals where both man and woman have such cars at their age. Their relationship affairs have been kept out of the public life since he does not share any photos of her on his social media accounts.

From recent reports, Criss did a wedding that was kept out of the spotlight since details did not leak to the media. His wedding did happen in February 2017 and it is not clear whether his girlfriend became Mrs.Saaba Waddle. However, it seems that one of the reasons his relationship with Mary Obeng ended was because he was taken already. It could be he was eying Saaba. This left the for many to speculate whether Saaba indeed got married. Well if she did she will definitely keep thirsty women away from her man. Criss’ wedding was attended by the very few individuals.

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Chris Waddle Saaba has remained out of the spotlight for such a long time.Such a big title there! There are no available photos of the couple together. All we do have are some photos of their adorable cute little son. Where does he’s good looks come from? Papa or Mama? That is for you the readers to decide.

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Saaba Waddle was compared to Wale’s wife by fans in terms of beauty and the machines that they were driving. Criss’s girl was spotted driving a German machine whose price was ranging at 30,000 dollars. The 2015 Mercedes Benz C-Class 4 model has both the manual and automatic transmission with 3000 cc in terms of fuel capacity. The specifications make the car more powerful and greater speed compared to most cars from other companies. When it comes to beauty some fans had negative comments regarding her breasts which are big this is just very malicious and hypocritical of the fans.

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Mary Obeng fame grew after she reported to have had a fling gone sour on with Criss Waddle. She tried to commit suicide after she accused the rapper of jilting her. The rapper did not have want a relationship with her since he thought she was still young and needed time to mature up. This did not go well with Mary Obeng and this could have resulted to her trying to kill herself.Mary Obeng Criss Waddle drama caused a stir in the mainstream media since there was an audio sent by her who claimed to have had sex twice with the rapper. She further claimed that she had been invited over at his house in Tema on two separate times after he had returned to the country. She was seen to be obsessed with the rapper hence the reason she had tried to commit suicide. Did she think that that would have brought the rapper close to her? It is reported that Mary Obeng still loves the musician even after leaving her and she would have wanted to be be his side chick because Criss Waddle was and is still taken. However she wished him well and said she would respect his relationship.

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Mary’s drama continued when she asked her fans and friends not to send any more condolences and apologized to them. During an interview she claimed to have done the stupid act because of the online mockery she was went through. She therefore wanted people to stop thinking that she was dead and that she was alive and okay.Mary Obeng claimed that she did quarrel with her sister which made her to move from the house. The rejection by her family was making her feel bad and stupid for the attempted suicide. She continued to appreciate her friends who she was living with at a hotel and had remained faithful during the trying time. She continued to say that had the rapper not listened to the stories and lies that were circulating at the time she would have probably found favor in the eyes of the rapper. Those who were responsible in spreading the lies and rumors about her had been able to succeed however she had a warning to them saying that the haters they would not be able to bring her done anymore.

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Photos of her naked circulated on social media and she was aware of the leaked photos claiming that one of the pictures was not her. She claimed that Criss took the photo in one of their encounters and he had promised to delete the picture afterwards. Apparently the rapper thought that she had a beautiful body and that was why he had it on his phone only for her to see it on the Internet later. This article however cannot have the photos posted on the site because of policies and would not want to tarnish any one’s image. During the interview, she went ahead to attack Waddle’s manhood stating that his tiny penis shocked her when she saw it during their first encounter. She claimed that he could not perform and was therefore not a full man who would satisfy her.she said that the rapper was foolish.

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When Criss Waddle was asked about Mary Oforiwaa Obeng he said that he did not think that Mary tried the suicide attempt out of love it was rather driven to fame. There was a picture circulating that showed Mary Obeng lying on the floor and according to Criss he thinks that it was not blood but sobolo. This seemed to make the drama more interesting and the drama took a new twist.With so much controversy we can only wish Mary a great future that will not be haunted by her past.

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The musician had also been linked to Yvonne Okoro whom he had described in an interview as his crush and that there was nothing much going on between them. The rumors between him and the lady surfaced after he released a single called Yvonne Okoro which made fans believe they that they had a fling going on. He further said that he and Yvonne had been friends for two years and that he liked being her friend. This led to him writing a song written to her saying sorry this could probably show that their friendship had gone amiss. Their close friendship made fans unsure of whom he would marry between Yvonne and Saaba. Here is a photo showing the beautiful Yvonne Okoro.

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