Kwaku Manu wedding story

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Love can transcend all barriers and when shared between two people, it becomes beautiful. Having mentioned that, here is the Kwaku Manu wedding and story and the details people are talking about. Kwaku is clearly in love despite being married for about a decade. Throughout this time he has maintained the love for his wife and seems the two were divinely destined for each other.

To begin with, Kwaku is a Ghanaian Kumawood superstar with a great future. “Is Kwaku Manu married?,” you may ask. Yes, the handsome energetic and humorous man is married. I know this comes as a surprise but he is indeed happily married to the love of his life that he often flaunts on social media and judging by the deluxe vacation Kwaku and his wife take, they surely do love and care for each other.

The one of the ways I believe Kwaku Manu has keep the fire of love in his home alive is through the rich wedding album that constantly reminds them of what bound them together. Since time immemorial nostalgic moments are best captured in photos and this has stood over time despite modernization and the advancement in technology. I would like to go through the Kwaku Manu and His wife wedding profile and some of the photos they have shared online. Lest I forget about mentioning Kwaku Manu wife name, she is Dianne, a beautiful woman, the force behind Kwaku Manu success.

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Kwaku Manu wedding pictures

Who minds that warm and since tap on the back from a loved one regardless of whether it is congratulatory or comforting. I sure bet none, we all at some point in life is re-energized by a good gesture of love and care from those we care about. Well, now that Kwaku Manu married he has that hand and support of like ‘I got you babe’. Here I have sampled down some of the best Kwaku Manu wedding pictures that you will enjoy seeing and one that speaks volume of him and his lifestyle.

Kwaku Manu is known for his comic work although he is an actor by profession but the stand out character or personality is much more evident through his humorous nature. The Kwaku Manu wedding pictures album would not be compete without the manifestation of this. He went a notch higher just to display the light side of life and in fact this left the guest in stitches and his wedding has been the talk of the town since it went down.

From the Kwaku Manu wedding, Mrs. Okaaley Manu, Kwaku Manu wife chose to wear a white Cinderella wedding gown that was strapless bringing out her natural feminine curves his man had always admired. The attire was accessorized in silver jewelry, a designer necklace, wrist bangle, earrings and the bridal pins which were used to skillfully hold up the well plaited Dianne’s hair high up but still bring out the girly look a bride must be bestowed. She sure made a beautiful bride; who caught the attention of all in attendance from her gorgeous look and her African woman demeanor.

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The groom of the day, Kwaku Manu chooses to go bold in his outfit. He went for a white suit with a partly black collar of the suit jacket. He indeed complimented his beautiful bride and was in fact another tactful way to ensure he still enjoyed his equally shares of attention and this too was his big day. The Kwaku Manu wedding pictures show the two exchanging shy glares in love filled eyes, embracing each other warmly, getting somewhat lost in each other’s arms talk of all romance and fairy tale involved in love affairs especially when it is blossoming and taking shape.

The environment is similarly something that speaks volume. The wedding was an indoor affair and the actor did channel a lot of monies towards the event. The décor was just eye catching and admirable, seats were arranged in round tables with pink touches even on the seats which were also covered. The venue is not just one ordinary place you can walk in and walk out at pleasure it is a throne to approach with admiration and respect. It was truly an awesome treat to his wife and a big event that brought family and friends together to share in their friendship and love.

The guests did not disappoint in style they put on their best ceremonial attire in creative designs just to flower the day and make it more memorable. Mark you Ghana is one of the country which has embraced African prints cloths and even has Friday as the gazette day to wear kente fabrics to work. Additionally, kente hold great relevance in this country in West Africa as it is their heritage and a sign to appease the ancestors so that they can bless the union; primitive it may sound but is naturally absorbed in this geographical region.

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Kwaku Manu wedding video

Well well well, what a better way to document you occasion than having it recorded in film. Have you watched the video, if not you need to check it out? I have watched it several times and it never get old or obvious, I just laugh my heart out every time I watch the clip. There is a small about three minute’s clip on Kwaku & Dianne Wedding on Youtube for public consumption. It is comical.

Kwaku Manu decides to just be the real him which is easy for him to be. He in fact made every guest go down laughing every the very stern once who one can rarely see their smile. This video was shot during the reception ceremony where the hallway is open, Kwaku Manu wife is seated at the centre on a chair and all eyes are on the throne. Music begins to play in the background, and Kwaku Manu appears from where the bridal groomsmen are and begins to sing and dance along the love song. The guests are all cheering him up as the bride watched in amazement. Left right and center video is being taken on mobile phones, tablets and HD cameras.

The bride is all smiles, and Kwaku Manu guess is encouraged all the more to make her happy more. He dances in all weird to artistic dances and the Master of Ceremony another piece of work just guides him. In deed whoever finds a wife finds a good thing. If Kwaku Manu has had better days this should be one of them. He just did entertain all as he entertained his wife. The most unconventional thing however is him stretching out his wife leg which was well covered by the designer gown shortly before covering his head therein underneath the gown while his wife sat there confused. This is just one of the crazy things I have seen in wedding and only the bold and confident can pull such a move. But a comedian doesn’t mind such, in fact it is just one of his way to have him in the lips of many which mean popularity, relevance and what not the public figure enjoy. This a Kwaku Manu wedding chronicles on record and by the way it has been viewed by well over 83,000 viewers you need to watch it too.

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Kwaku Manu and his wife

It would be incomplete to talks about the Kwaku Manu wedding and leave or ignore the detail about their present life. The wedding did happen in the Romeo and Juliet style but how are the two fairing on? Well, unlike most celebrities whose personal life is surrounded by controversy, Kwaku Manu does not make to this list. He has managed to balance his career and family time without either being deprived off his attention. He is handsome and money loaded just what the modern girl is looking for but this case is different as he has stuck on his wife who has been with him in all the lows and highs of life. In fact it is only wise for him to pay back with gratitude and loyalty.

kwaku manu wedding pictures, kwaku manu wife, kwaku manu and his wifeSource: YouTube/mega ghnews

It is surprising Kwaku Manu still looks like he is in his twenties yet has a daughter who is almost a teen. Going by the above photos the two have come a long way; from the humble beginnings to now when they are swimming in riches, the two have surely had each other’s backs. As it is always said proverbially, behind a successful man there is a woman behind is the Kwaku Manu wife. She is not just a wife but is also motherly too probably what Mr. Manu took note off before making her the wife of his youth. A woman beautiful from inside to outside, just what any other man desires to call his own.

kwaku manu wedding pictures, kwaku manu wife, kwaku manu and his wifeSource: livefmghana.com

In retaliation, Kwaku Manu has not disappointed in acknowledging his wife and letting the world know of how he feels for her. She shares intimate photos of the two with envious captions on instagram and even on other social media platforms. The Kwaku Manu wedding pictures have not become a throwback time but it is worthwhile noting the growth that has taken place and the positive change visible. They have even taken close resemblance.

Recently, he shared a photo online of his wife’s birthday which went down abroad in one of the posh places. Their three children were also in the picture and seem it was a time to make merry and bond all the more. Occasionally the two take vacations together either in Ghana or even abroad and have toured the world since the two came together. Money is something of value and the life of this Kumawood actor just explain what money can do to you. Kwaku Manu and his wife is just one of the celebrity couple in town that have withstood the pressures and the thorns in marriage and the two just prove marriage is possible even when one is on the public glare.

Kwaku Manu children

kwaku manu wedding pictures, kwaku manu wife, kwaku manu and his wifeSource: pulse.com.gh

Kwaku and Dianne are blessed with three beautiful children; the fruit of his loins and her womb. They have two boys and a girl who is the first born and she is gladly getting more beautiful by the day. The sons are equally a site to behold taking cute looks from both the mother and the father.

kwaku manu wedding pictures, kwaku manu wife, kwaku manu and his wifeSource: celebritiesbuzz.co

If you have been a keen follower of Kwaku Manu you must have realized he has a close attachment to his family. Good morals and values must have been instilled in him and he has since then never departed from that. His children are a significant part of his life; in fact most of his photo taken out of his acting profession have either his children and kids in. this is indeed a blessed union or they grow even close as day’s passes by. We need to watch out into what this family becomes in future and the height they are going together.

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Kwaku Manu wealth

kwaku manu wedding pictures, kwaku manu wife, kwaku manu and his wifeSource: pulse.com.gh

Kwaku Manu is a living example that indeed the acting industry does pay so long as it is coupled up with hard work, talent and persistence. He got a well paying job thanks to his diversity since he is able to act and do comedy and also fits in with many roles on casts. Unlike, most celebrities who do not spend the money wisely but rather get spendthrift and finally end up dead broke. Kwaku Manu is has invested in gainful entrepreneurship venture. He is the owner of Kwaku Manu Educational centre that provides quality educational needs in junior school providing a child friendly learning environment and has a successful performance record. His wife is a teacher at their international school just showing just how humble and motherly she is.

kwaku manu wedding pictures, kwaku manu wife, kwaku manu and his wifeSource: bestshowbiz.com

Other pointers to his wealth are his fleet of super sleek cars; the high end and up to date once that that are customized according to his desires. He has also bought a home where he resides with his wife and kids full of all amenities. His lifestyle finally is the last lead because it is evident the man is both wealthy and rich undoubtedly. Kwaku Manu is a man to watch both in the Acting profession and in the economy building.

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